Introductory workshops cover the properties of paper, folding and gathering, sewing on linen tapes, headbanding and casing in of a blank book covered in cloth of student’s choice. Concentration is on terminology, techniques and process sequence. This class consists of 25 teaching hours, and includes the basic toolkit and all class materials for $525.

Each student receives a basic bookbinding toolkit, consisting of the following:

  • Carbon steel spring divider caliper (6 1/2″ capacity)
  • Stainless steel Olfa craft knife
  • 6″ bookbinder’s awl
  • selection of three bone folders, 5″, 6″ and 8″
  • Dritz beeswax with holder
  • package Richard Hemming and Son size 5 darning needles

Introductory Workshops available by request



Intermediate Workshops deal with sewing on cords, lacing on of cover boards, paring leather, forwarding and completion of a half-bound cloth book with a leather spine.

Advanced Workshops concentrate on improving over-all accuracy, paring leather for a full leather binding with raised bands, working of leather, blind and gold tooling, stamping and other forms of decoration.

It is necessary to take the introductory workshop preceding the intermediate and advanced workshops.

Summer 2014 Project Classes

Japanese-Style Sample BooksAtelier Bindery is now offering weekend summer project classes! Learn how to make a Japanese-inspired book and gain a wonderful introduction to the world of fine binding and design.

Class participants will construct a cloth-covered book suitable for use as a journal, sketchbook or 4 x 6” photo album. Each completed project will reflect the character of its creator through the selection of materials used. Participants will also have the opportunity to create a custom dimensional cover design.

This class will cover scoring and folding, adhesives, the properties of paper and board, measuring techniques, cutting, drilling and punching of varied materials and working with decorative papers and fine book cloth.

Each book will use only acid-free binder’s papers, glassine, book cloth and board, ensuring that this project will last for generations to come. Book cloth and marbled papers in many colors are available to choose from; all other tools and materials are furnished at the bindery. All you need to bring are your ideas and enthusiasm to the workbench for this beautiful and unique summer class.

Please call Atelier Bindery to reserve your space today; classes are limited to 4 students per session.

Class Cost: $65.00

Summer Class SuppliesClass 1: August 1-3, 2014

Class 2: August 15-17, 2014







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